Wedding DJs

The Wedding of Your Dreams

“I am so glad I did choose 1800 Media Group because they were well worth it! They knew how to keep the dance floor busy!!” – Elizabeth D.


Packing dance floors with guests of all ages, creating unique and special moments for our couples… that’s why we do this! Every couple we work with has a vision for their wedding and we help bring those dreams to life, so each wedding celebration is truly custom-tailored to them, down to every single detail. We realize how important your wedding is and we take great lengths to ensure a stress-free wedding day experience. From our easy to use an online wedding planner to our in-person (or Covid friendly) meetings, we will cover every detail weeks before the wedding. Our experienced team of entertainment professionals will help you celebrate your wedding using our modern style and approach without resorting to cheesy, uncomfortable, or outdated DJ techniques.

Polished, professional, and personal. That’s what you and your guests will remember about us. We are DJs for fun-loving & easy-going modern couples. Is that you?

You plan your wedding once, but we are lucky enough to get to celebrate with couples all the time. We’ll share our wisdom with you (because we’ve learned a lot over the years) while always giving you the final say. We will start you on your planning journey. We will lay out the road to wedding day success, and help you avoid common pitfalls. You will have at least two in-depth planning meetings with your hand-picked DJ/MC (aka your wedding day ally and wedding guru). During these meetings, you’ll get to know your DJ, and they will get to know you! Our goal is to capture the essence of your love story in order to make your wedding day uniquely yours.

Every orchestra needs a conductor. Every wedding needs someone to help facilitate every detail on the day of the celebration. We are very detail oriented to ensure a smooth experience throughout your entire wedding including any announcements or formalities. We aren’t standup comedians. We are not the stereotypical corny, goofy, game playing, Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer-type DJs. Don’t get us wrong, we ARE interactive DJs, but we avoid uncomfortable, gimmicky tactics in order to make a wedding “fun“. Through training and our DJ’s skill sets, we are able to achieve an awesome result without the outdated, tacky techniques.

Not all DJs are the same. We have a team of real DJs. Not to go all DJ geek, but our skilled DJs can weave a soundtrack together consisting of your favorite songs with seamless transitions, packing your dance floor and providing an unforgettable dance celebration. Our DJs read the crowd and work hard to ensure all your “Must Plays” make it to the floor while keeping your guests included in the action.

Chances are, you’ve been to a wedding where the music has been too loud or kept cutting out. Maybe you’ve been to weddings where the toasts were nearly impossible to hear. We utilize high-end line-array sound systems with subwoofers, which means that our systems can cover medium to large reception areas easily without overpowering guest conversation. Even Grandma will be able to hear the speeches, and your friends will love the fullness on the dance floor. All sound equipment is included in every one of our packages.

Lighting is very important! How important is it, you ask? So important that we include dance floor lighting with every package. Instead of dancing in a dark empty room, we prefer you and your guests enjoy an elevated atmosphere of fun by creating a dance floor experience. With lighting synced to great music, while washing your space in color, the result is a packed dance floor full of smiles.

Maybe you’re like us, and would rather not track down an envelope and a stamp. Our booking and planning process takes place entirely online, so you can access it from anywhere. From initial contract to final planning guides, everything is easily accessible and editable (we think that’s a word) from your laptop, tablet, or phone. Of course, if you’d prefer to print, that’s always an option.

The Gold Experience

The one and only original package that has helped us build our reputation for high attention to detail, great service, and a great wedding celebration. Our Premier Experience is sure to help make your wedding celebration a fun and memorable time for you and all of closest family and friends. All the basics you need to have a stress free, super fun wedding.

Easy Booking Process

First, We Meet

We set up a time for either a phone or video chat, or in-person meeting at a local coffee shop. The choice is yours!

Then, We Lock It Down

Once you decide we are a perfect match, we’ll email you a contract, which can be signed instantly online.

Now, We Plan Your Event

After booking, we provide your Event Planning account on our website. Here you will use our easy fill in the blank worksheets and music requests.

Lastly, It’s Party Time

Now we bring all your planning details to life, making sure everything goes smoothly and on time. All you need to do is have FUN!




Perfect for smaller weddings and receptions that are around 100 guests.

*Does Not Include Ceremony

*Ceremony is an additional $150

2400 watt system
( 4 ) wireless up lights



A DJ Controlling Music on his Console



Great for larger weddings and guests counts of 105 – 200 guests.

*Includes Ceremony

3800 watt system
– ( 8 ) wireless uplights



A Dark Background With a DJ Control Unit



Ideal for large guest count weddings or weddings seeking the best quality sound and party experience.

*Includes Ceremony

*Includes Salsa Photobooth

6300 watt system
( 12 ) wireless uplights