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We take great pride in our approach with how we assist our clients and couples with DJing and Emceeing; and that would be with Connection and Attentiveness. This allows us to provide services at each event with perfect execution. We are not typical, and our wide offering of services is anything but average. With our knowledge and talent we have changed the game – no gimmicks, just extremely fun events and wedding celebrations that leave lasting memories. We are extremely passionate about what we do and the awesome people that we get to work with, and we’re always looking to innovate new ways to make your event unforgettable and talked about long after the last dance…and the encore. Packing dance floors with guests of all ages and cultures, orchestrating flawless events from beginning to end, and celebrating life’s biggest moments is what we are all about.

Andre Peterson, DJ Dre 1800 Smiling Headshot

Andre Peterson (aka DJ Dre 1800)

Owner, Andre Peterson began his business in 2002. Having an interest in music and electronics at young age, he took his mother’s record player and started spinning music in his parent’s garage.

Not knowing that within 15 years his passion for music turned into more, a successful career.

Today, with a roster of DJs, and Photo Booth Attendants, they have grown to a well-known, multi-award-winning company. They strive to provide only the best in the industry with high-quality work!

With unmatched customer service and a team of professionals, they strive to provide you with an event you’ll never forget!

Robert Stinson, DJ Savant Smiling Headshot

Robert Stinson (aka DJ Savant)

Connectivity is what fuels DJ Savant’s passions, and at the center of that is music.

Savant’s 10+ years of partnership with music and entertainment brought about the accomplishment of earning a degree in audio.

Mixed with a smooth blend of customer service and leadership, this Gemini is a Georgia native who aims to make sure every client and guest will walk away with a memorable event that will last for years to come!

That said, Savant is a true lover of music and champion of the people. On a daily basis, he plays music ranging from the 60s to current hits and hidden gems across all genres. If he is hosting your event or party, you better have your dancing shoes on or have a comfy seat to bounce in!

Estebon Watson, aka Three, Smiling Headshot

Estebon Watson (aka Three)

Estebon Watson (DJ 3) is a very interactive DJ and Emcee originating from Louisiana. With over a decade of experience as an Atlanta DJ, he has entertained in just about every entertainment forum.

From Mitzvahs, Weddings, Corporate parties all the way to celebrity events and live music shows, DJ 3 has the experience to keep the crowd engaged and motivated.

As a full-time music artist and DJ, Estebon considers music to be a pivotal part of his daily life. He is always monitoring the latest music trends and dances so that he can incorporate it to every occasion he entertains.

With his smooth dance moves and fun costume changes, he is bound to create a long lasting memory at your event. No matter the occasion, Estebon will take it to the next level and have your guest talking about it as if it was the perfect night.

As Estebon would say, we’re not just going to celebrate your special day; We’re going to make a MOVIE!

Jazmine Bruce, aka Flow Eazy, Smiling Portrait

Jazmine Bruce (aka Flow Eazy)

The sound of classic soul records spinning in the ears of a young girl, coupled with the aroma of home-cooked southern food, created the perfect recipe for the beginnings of an entertainment career that will shine for years to come.  Such is the life of FlowEazy, a talented rapstress and DJ whose musical influences range from the life-changing ballads of Aaliyah, to Twista’s fast Flow and knack for wordplay.

As a former Arts, Entertainment & Media Management Major at Columbia College Chicago (which is the largest and most diverse non-profit arts and media college in the nation), Flow’s skills placed her amongst the who’s who of the student body.  Fellow Female Rapper, and major label recording artist Shawnna took notice of Flow and her ability to not only assemble witty lyrics, but craft catchy songs at a studio session in Chicago; this moment has served to inspire and push Flow to reach her full potential.  She graduated in 2009 with a B.A. of Arts, Entertainment, & Media Management.

Since then Flow has locked in performances at numerous Atlanta and Chicago hotspots, including Exodus, Fiesta Cantina, and Funky Buddha Lounge and more.  She also opened up for Twista and Crucial Conflict at the House of Blues in.  She is no stranger to the stage and live performances.  In fact, she’s been DJing, performing and entertaining weddings and private events for over 6 years and believes that DJing is her dream profession. She definitely possesses the presence needed to captivate big and small crowds of all walks of life.